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Foreign Exchange Premium
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Key FX Fundamentals (Summary)

  • Key Charts
  • Currency Performance and Seasonality

Interest Rates and Bonds

  • Central Bank Cash Rates and STIR
  • Key Bond Yield Indicators
  • Yield Curves
  • Bond Yields and Other
  • Two-Year Bond Yield Differentials
  • Real Two-Year Bond Yield Differentials
  • Ten-Year Bond Yield Differentials
  • Real Ten-Year Bond Yield Differentials

Monetary Policy

  • Central Bank Policy Indicators
  • Central Bank Balance Sheets
  • Central Bank Economic Forecasts

USD Influence

  • USD Influence on an Exchange Rate

Market Volatility

  • Market Volatility Measures
  • Libor-OIS Spread and Exchange Rates
  • Standard Deviation Measures

Economic Fundamentals

  • IMF, OECD, and Other Economic Forecasts
  • Global Indicators
  • Real GDP Indicators
  • Sentiment Indicators
  • Inflation Indicators
  • Labour Market Indicators

Capital Flows and NIIP

  • Capital Flows
  • Portfolio Capital Flows
  • Net International Investment Position

External Indicators

  • Exports, Imports and Trade Balance
  • Current Account Balances
  • Foreign Debt Ratios
  • Terms of Trade
  • Nominal & Real Exchange Rate Indicies

Fiscal Policy

  • Budget Balances
  • Fiscal Stimulus
  • Government Debt
  • G20 and EM Fiscal Indicators

Financial Stability Indicators

  • Financial Indicators
  • Banking Indicators

Other Selected Indicators

  • Hedged Bonds and Exchange Rates
  • Speculative FX Positioning
  • IMF Allocated Foreign Exchange Reserves
  • Size of the Global Foreign Exchange Market
  • PinPoint "Fair Value" Estimates

Commodity Prices

  • Selected Commodity Indicators
  • Commodity Currencies
  • Key Commodity Prices

Foreign Exchange Pro
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Includes everything in Foreign Exchange Premium
plus the following:

Foreign Exchange

  • Basis Swaps
  • FX Forwards
  • Cross Currency Basis Swaps

Government Bonds

  • Foreign Bond Ownership by Major Country
  • Sovereign Country Ratings
  • Currency Hedged Bond Returns for a USD Investor
  • Currency Hedged Bond Returns for a EUR Investor
  • Currency Hedged Bond Returns for a GBP Investor
  • Currency Hedged Bond Returns for a AUD Investor
  • Currency Hedged Bond Returns for a NZD Investor
  • Currency Hedged Bond Returns for a JPY Investor

Commodity Prices

  • Gold and Silver
  • Oil and Energy
  • Base Metals
  • Bulk Commodities
  • Bitcoin

Equity Markets

  • Macro Fundamentals for the S&P 500
  • Other Equity Markets

Foreign Exchange Premium

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Foreign Exchange PRO

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