About PinPoint Macro

PinPoint Macro Analytics offers two main types of economic service.

Firstly, we provide you access to a ready-made chart library containing more than 3,000 automatically-updating charts on global macro. Our fundamental charts cover the global economy, the 29 most-liquid exchange rates, 14 major economies, their central banks, their fixed income markets, as well as the commodities market, and major equity indices. You can access the 3,000+ chart library via subscription, via downloadable access, or via a white label arrangement.

Secondly, we can produce white labelled macro strategy, currency strategy, and economic research for you to send to your clients.

Why PinPoint?

After presenting this research to the world’s major central banks, hedge funds, pension funds, superannuation funds, as well as to the world’s biggest exporters, we thought it is time to make this institutional-quality research available to everybody.

Why Subscribe

Why PinPoint

Broaden your understanding of financial markets, and their key drivers with an extensive range of Market and Economic Definitions.

Why PinPoint

View automatically-updated charts on short-term and long-term economic drivers of financial markets.

Why PinPoint

Keep up to date with trends in the global economy.

Why PinPoint

View one of the best Economic Calendars in the market.

Why PinPoint

View additional "Charts of the Day" reflecting what's important for financial markets today.

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Meet the Team

Senior Management

Richard Grace

Richard Grace

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Richard founded PinPoint Macro Analytics in June 2020. Prior to founding PinPoint Macro Analytics, Richard worked as the Chief Currency Strategist and Head of International Economics at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) for some 15 years. Prior to working at CBA, Richard worked in various roles in both Sydney and London as an international economist and currency strategist, at National Australia Bank, WestDeutsche Landesbank (WestLB), Colonial State Bank, and Dominguez Barry (now UBS). Richard holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Masters of Economics from Macquarie University. In addition to some occasional Economics tutoring at Macquarie University, Richard worked at Macquarie University's Asia Pacific Research Institute, and more recently, spent three years as an Honorary Associate at the University of Technology (UTS) Sydney.

Richard Grace

Michael Blythe

Chief Economist and Co-Founder

Michael joined PinPoint Macro Analytics as a Co-Founder in July 2020. Michael is a highly experienced Chief Economist with a deep understanding of the economy, economic policy and financial markets. He has worked across both Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Reserve Bank of Australia and brings great knowledge of, and insight into, the Australian and global economy, economic policy and markets. Michael is also a skilled presenter and media commentator.

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PinPoint Macro

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