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We recommend Macrobond Financial

To access our 3,000+ chart library in your own colours and fonts, and have the charts update automatically in your PowerPoint and Word documents

To access the world’s largest macroeconomic and financial database with integrated analytics

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If you want to conduct an international money transfer
we suggest Xe

Xe can send and receive money to over 130 countries,
in 98 currencies

XE as part of the Euronet Worldwide group (NASDAQ: EEFT), is the third largest money transfer business in the world

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How your Business can Partner with Us

Macro Bulk Partnership

Macro Bulk Partnership

Receive subscription discounts when you bulk-purchase a number of PinPoint Macro Analytics subscriptions.

White-Labelled Currency and Economic Research

White-Labelled Currency and Economic Research

Receive weekly research with your company logo on it. Send it to your clients.

Macro Service Partnership

Macro Service Partnership - for Foreign Exchange Brokers

For foreign exchange brokers who want to engage in a two-or-three-step process; (1) Have direct links to the full set of PinPoint Macro Analytics fundamental macro charts on your website; (2) Offer your clients a significant discount to the PinPoint Macro Analytics subscription fee; (3) Receive a referral fee for every one of your clients that subscribes to Pinpoint Macro Analytics.

Macro Shared Partnership

Macro Shared Partnership

Access PinPoint Macro Analytics charts in your preferred colours, for use in your company documents and presentations, where the charts will update automatically.

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